• Best of Cambodia and Việt Nam (16 days)

    The Mekong River is one of the longest rivers in the world and its banks are home to over 20 million people. Taking a boat trip through the lower Mekong Delta is one of the best ways to understand the lifestyles of these people, to take in the spectacular scenery and to learn about the area’s fascinating history. This 16-day trip is also designed to take in all the “must-see” attractions in Cambodia and Việt Nam, from the Angkor and Hạ Long Bay World Heritage Sites to off-the-beaten-track villages or temples along the river.

  • Sustainable Halong Bay Cruising (2 days)

    Hạ Long Bay – a UNESCO World Heritage site and surely the best-known natural site in Việt Nam – is the country’s most popular destination for both Vietnamese and foreign visitors alike. The influx of visitors to Hạ Long Bay, while a very good sign for the local tourism industry, represents a major challenge to the environment, and unless the local authority maintains strict management and visitors display responsible behaviour, the future of this important World Heritage site could be seriously threatened.

  • “Road to Mandalay” Cruise: Mandalay-Bagan (4 days)

    “Road to Mandalay” offers a leisurely four-day cruise through the heart of Myanmar, visiting the Buddhist centre and last royal capital of Mandalay and the important archeological site of Bagan, while all the while unwinding and relaxing on board your small river boat. En route your experience will be enriched by direct interaction with local people in many little-visited villages along the riverbank. A truly memorable journey awaits you.