Welcome to Myanmar

There could be no better time than now to explore “Mystical Myanmar,” a country which has only recently reappeared on the tourist map after being off-limits for years. In January 2012 the New York Times ranked the country third in its list of 45 top destinations, commenting that because of its long isolation, Myanmar “resonates with a strong sense of place, undiluted by mass tourism and warmed by genuine hospitality.” Travelling with us, you can experience this hospitality for yourself, as you set out on a fascinating journey of discovery. Promenade with the locals around the majestic golden spire of the famous Shwedagon Pagoda in the capital city of Yangon. Visit the royal capital of Mandalay and the 4,000 stupas of the famous Bagan World Heritage Site. Trek through the beautiful scenery of the Shan Plateau and enjoy the hospitality of a homestay on the beautiful Inle Lake. Or simply relax on one of the many unspoiled beaches, which line the west coast.