This unique two-day trip offers an unusual opportunity to stay at the home of a typical farming family in the rice-growing area of the Red River Delta, facilitating your active participation in their daily activities and giving you the opportunity to live life according to the rhythm of rural life. It also includes a visit to Xuân Thủy National Park, Việt Nam’s largest bird sanctuary.

Việt Nam is a country with a proud history, a fascinating culture and landscapes of great beauty, which attracts more and more international visitors every year. Yet if you ask these visitors what impressed them most, the chances are they’ll say it was meeting and getting to know the friendly Vietnamese people.

Despite this, very few trips provide travellers with an opportunity to truly get to know local people, to immerse themselves in their daily life and to understand what village life is really like. Most commercial tour programmes are organised according to a fixed itinerary in which travellers are only able to observe local activities briefly, or from afar.

In contrast, the philosophy of ASIAPLUS TOURS is to ensure that travellers have a cultural enriching experience, and we believe that this can only be guaranteed by giving visitors the opportunity to engage in genuine contact with the local population, permitting them to share their daily activities as a means of understanding what their lives are really like.

We have designed our “Immersion Trip” in authentic village life as a much-needed pause in your journey, where “genuine activities” replace “visits,” offering a real insight into how life evolves spiritually and economically in the countryside which is home to more than 65% of Việt Nam’s population.


  • View waterfowl and other migratory birds in the pristine surroundings of Xuân Thủy National Park, a Ramsar site and Việt Nam’s largest bird sanctuary
  • Experience what village life is really like by staying in a Red River village and sharing in the villagers’ daily activities.

Day 1: Hà Nội-Giao Thủy (L, D)

In the morning we drive to Giao Thủy district, located in the rural Red River Delta (2½ hours drive from Hà Nội) where we board a speed boat to visit the Xuân Thủy National Park, the first wetland area to be recognised as a Ramsar site in Southeast Asia and an internationally significant migratory bird habitat. After lunch, we’ll head to Giao Xuân village where you will be settled in a room or a part of a local family’s house. There you will meet your host, who will be your guide in the village and will help you grasp various aspects of local life and learn about the village and its stories. Then, for the rest of the day, you will participate in family and village activities, according to your preference. After dinner you can assist in the organisation of an evening folk performance. You’ll get plenty of opportunity to meet with the local people who are the “living memory” of the village, to discuss with them every aspect of their daily life, learning about the customs and traditions of the beautiful northern countryside, the cradle of Việt Nam’s rich cultural heritage

Day 2: Giao Thủy - Hà Nội (B, L)

An early rise is recommended so you can join your host walking to the village market or travelling by bicycle to the fish market about 3 kilometres from the house. Afterwards, things you can choose to do will include: Joining your host in preparing meals; going out to the fields to take care of the rice; following a farmer to keep an eye on the ngao oysters; or learning to produce salt and nước mắm (fish sauce) or to distil rice wine. Interacting with local people, you will learn that daily life in the typical rural village represents an important connection between centuries-old tradition and the robust growth of contemporary Việt Nam, where time for contemplation and reflection has become all too scarce. After lunch it will be time to bid farewell to our host. We’ll drive back to Hà Nội, or alternatively we can extend this journey with a visit to the ancient vestiges of Hoa Lư royal capital and the stunning karst limestone scenery of “Hạ Long Bay on Land” in nearby Ninh Bình province.